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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, THAT was Surreal


Greetings, oh, my blurking darlings, on this horrible Monday-like Tuesday.

The weather outside is frightful, and your Empress has been taken to task for her Celibricrush yet again.

This time by a stranger.

I know I should NOT be amused. I shouldn't be. But I am. As someone with a bloody hot temper who has gone off half-cocked more than once (and been called out for it), it's nice for once to catch someone doing it to me. I honestly feel for this woman--I've endured enough prejudice over the years for stupid, superficial reasons to understand her pain to a degree. But to slam someone like that... Oy. I'm trying NOT to make a joke of it because... yeah. It would be incredibly cruel of me. INCREDIBLY cruel of me.

In short, for those not wanting to click on the link, the poster called me out on calling Jim's show on 10/1 awesome. I don't think she's seen him live--I think it was about I Swear to God.

And I try to avoid cruelty whenever I can. Unless someone deserves it. And this woman doesn't.

There. Ethical decision made.

Next post will be about someone who DOES deserve a good kick in the bollocks. If I can remember what I was thinking about last night... *sigh* And recipe for the perfected Guiness mac & cheese coming as well.

Wow. And I had decided not to post about Celebricrush until after I'd bought my tickets for Foxwoods. *shakes head*

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