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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Notes, Cool Quote & the Empress Promotes

"True terror is waking up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country." - Kurt Vonnegut

My second favorite provider of t-shirts, Northern Sun (www.northernsun.com - patronize them, oh, my fellow progressive liberal blurkers, they're nice people with fabulous, humorous, sarcastic and moving shirts for people with brains and a conscience), enlightened me this a.m. with this quote, and it just made my day. I may have to start a quote page--a static page with favorite one-liners and quotes.

Speaking of one-liners... I wrote my first new real standup material in months last night. First bit of material--at least, material directly intended for performance--I've written since September. *insert shy but proud grin here* I think I may be coming out of the funk finally.

I also had a chat with a friend yesterday who is also starting out in standup after many years of thinking about it. He opened miked at the place I had been doing back in September, and it was a relief to hear him say he found it a tough room. He's also been taking classes through Improv Boston in both improv and standup and gave me some advice and comfort. I'm psyched for him--he's a talented guy (and, yes, when he starts gigging, I will definitely give shout-outs on here) and very, very funny--a damn good storyteller. He infrequently blogs here: http://dotdotdotandme.blogspot.com/2010/07/someone-i-wish-i-knew-betterand-me.html but you're more likely to see him over at ImprovBoston.

One other standup thing I want to mention--if you're in L.A. on Saturday, January 29th, there's a gig at the Hollywood Improv to benefit the victims of the Australian floods. Show hasn't gone up on the website yet, but tickets can be gotten here: http://www.improv.com/ComedyClub/Hollywood/Index. So far on the bill Jim Jefferies, Eddie Ifft, and Wil Anderson. Regular blurkers know that I'm a huge fan of Mr. J. and have my fingers crossed that Eddie Ifft will hit Boston on tour--I've actually subscribed to the podcast he and Jim do every week because honestly, they're fucking hysterical. Utterly, utterly WRONG, and I hope the two of them riff off each other on stage, a bit like the rednecks did on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but without the Piggly Wiggly and cars-on-blocks references. And better accents.* If you want a sample of the podcast, go here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/talkinsht/JE-MP3_for_Audio_Podcasting.mp3 or search for talkin shit or either of the comedians' names on itunes. Oh, yeah... they've got a website: www.talkin-shit.com.

I also went back to the gym last night, and unlike on Saturday, did not have a knee fail. Managed forty-five minutes using the hip aductor/reductor (I know I'm getting that wrong) thingies and crunches and am NOT in pain today which means I did not do enough yesterday. (My Zune battery died; I hate doing crunches without music.) Depending on what the weight rating is on the ellipticals, I may try that tonight. (Yes, I am still paranoid about that; spend most of your life too heavy for most exercise equipment, and you'd be paranoid, too.)

**To be fair, I actually found the Blue Collar Comedy standup special pretty damn funny, once I realized that the voice I was hearing--i.e. Larry the Cable Guy--was NOT my dad. Yes, that is EXACTLY what Foghorn sounds like. There is nothing worse than being on the toilet and hearing a TV blaring comedy in the next room and thinking your north-of-60 alcoholic father has suddenly become a compatriot of Jeff Foxworthy. It has a negative impact on the lower intestinal tract and its functioning, let me tell you. And the jokes LtCG tells... yeah, I'm sure Pop belongs to the fan club and goes to see him when he plays Branson.

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