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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freud was Right About a Few Things

You think I don't understand about the white woman committing black adultery,
but I do. There was a lot of lynchings in Willicoochee, Georgia where I come
from when I was a boy. Willicoochee. White man say to his woman: "Baby, you are the flower of white Southern womanhood, too holy and pure to be touched by any man, including me. I'm gonna put you up on a pedestal so the whole world will
fall down and worship you. And if any nigger so much as look at you, I'll lynch
his ass."

She believed him, thought she really was holy and pure, like the Virgin Mary. She let him put her up on that pedestal. Meanwhile, the husband, no sooner than the sun went down down to the slave quarters grabbin' up every piece of black poontang he could lay his hands on, then running to the gin mill to brag about it. And that's how our blood got diluted mulattoes, quadroons, octoroons. I'm sure that most of those high and mighty white ladies felt abandoned. But they were so proud to be white, and therefore superior, they kept their mouths shut and their legs locked tight. But in the midnight hour, layin' there, alone, on the hot bed of lust, I'm sure they must've thought what it would be like to have one of them big, black bucks their husbands were so desperately afraid of. I feel sorry for you. Here it is the nineties, still tryin' to make up for what you missed out on. But I don't blame you.

As for the black man like my own son, Flipper, who ought to know better got a loving wife and daughter still got to fish in the white man's cesspool, I have nothing but contempt. - From Jungle Fever, a Spike Lee Joint

Can I just say how fucking glad I am that the Godsdamned election is over? I don't generally watch TV any more--too much utter garbage on the idiot box these days, I'd rather read a book, write a book, or watch a movie--but it was on in the other room on Monday night, and the commercials were non-stop (and all of them uncivil)! Driving through New Hampshire on Saturday, the roadside was littered with political signs. One of them almost made me drive off the road--some guy named Guinta (although at 85 MPH, the "i" was hard to see) was running for Congress. Yes, I had a Jim Jefferies moment (and in a bit of double irony, the bastard is a Republican, and sadly, won).

I didn't want to vote yesterday; there was no one I wanted to support, honestly (with the exception of Mike Capuano--who ran unopposed--and Martha Coakley; say what you will about her, as AG, she has got big brass balls and zero fear when it comes to taking down the bastards; she was on the team that went against the jackal Bernard Law and his posse of child abusers, and that's the real reason Scott Brown is in the Senate). Because of the whack job the Republican Governors Association put on Tim Cahill, the voters of Massachusetts were assured no decent choice in the election--either pick the incumbent scumbag or the Big Dig scumbag. After the mess the Republicans made of the state from Weld on up, I had to vote for Patrick just to be sure Baker didn't get in.

That is not making a choice, as far as I'm concerned. It was as bad as having to cast a vote for John Kerry (for whom I have zero respect--mush-mouth, hypocritical ass-kisser).

In short, I am NOT HAPPY.

What has bothered me the most are the attacks on the current president, Barack Obama. Now, I like Mr. O; I voted for him, not because he was the Democratic nominee, but because I actually have some faith in him. The problem is the rest of Washington. If ever there was a place that needed to be hit with a fast-moving plague, it's the U.S. capitol. It's the beast with a gajillion backs and a spiked dick, and it's the American people who are taking it in the ass. Mr. O is trying to make changes--the problem is that he's presiding over a nursery school filled with a bunch of ignorant, bigoted, selfish, squabbling retards.

Yes, I said RETARDS.

What swung my vote for Mr. O was the Frontline special that PBS ran on him and John McCain. Now, at one point in his history, when he was still legitimately an independent politician and hadn't sold his soul to the Right Wing and the rest of the fake conservatives, John McCain was a decent bipartisan politician. Eight years W and Dickhead poisoned him, and when he picked Alaska Barbie for his running mate... argh. Christ, that bimbo makes me embarrassed to have tits. (And any woman who voted for her just because Hilary lost and they wanted a woman in office needs a good, solid kick in the ass to knock their brains back into their heads. GROW THE FUCK UP!) The part of Mr. O's story that swung me was the bit on his election to the editorship of The Harvard Law Review: one of his African American friends from the time described how disappointed and upset many of his African American friends were at the time because, rather than putting all of his friends into positions at this most prestigious journal, instead, he put the people he felt would do the job best, regardless of color or viewpoint.

He chose people based on their ability and skills--NOT affiliation. This approach carried through to his presidency; instead of replacing the Secretary of Defense with a prominent Democrat, he kept Robert M. Gates in the position. Golly gee willikers, Dr. Bob, but that doesn't sound like the actions of a stupid man. Unlike his predecessor, of course, who put his lover in as Secretary of State and undid everything that Madeline Albright had accomplished. *slams head on the desk*

I'm sick of all the BS about Mr. O, and I've finally realized why people hate him so much and want to see him fail. It's because he's a Democrat; it's not about the color of his skin--it's about the color of his parents' skins.

The quote above comes from Jungle Fever, a film by Spike Lee. It deals with the affair between a white woman (played by Annabelle Sciorra) and a married black man (played by Wesley Snipes). Now, I have not seen the whole of this film--I happened to catch the bit quoted above one afternoon while channel surfing years ago. The monologue is delivered by the incredible, amazing, outstanding actor Ossie Davis--delivered with dignity and outrage and painful truth.

It's also an INCREDIBLY racist statement. This is one of the places where Spike Lee gets my respect--he doesn't let anyone off the hook, black or white, when it comes to racism. He knows that we are ALL guilty.

However, what the Good Reverend Purify does identify, and identify truthfully, is the real reason why Mr. O is so hated by the less enlightened of the world--the people trying to prove he's not really an American citizen, fer instance--and so many of the scared white men who scream about him on DumbFux--he is the result of the union described above, a "pure white woman" and a "big black buck."

Excuse me a mo--need to bleach my brain. I really hate what I just wrote. Even thinking about it makes me sick--the idea that people can be so utterly ignorant, that is.

In short, it's all about penis envy and denial--scared white men (all of whom would give a testicle for an hour with Mrs. O--a woman who is MY typical experience of African American women--intelligent, educated, funny, committed, tough as hell, and girrrlll, does she know how to dress!--and who would kick their cracker asses six ways to Sunday if they came within a foot of her) who see the result of a union that is an abomination in their eyes--something they have been conditioned against for generations--and who is the contradiction of all of the lies they've been taught.

Hypocrisy... utter hypocrisy. And the unwillingness to examine their prejudices and admit they just might have been wrong. The problem is that there are too many others sharing their fear and feeding it, and so the vicious cycle continues.

When I talk to people from other countries, the U.S.'s collective ignorance amazes them. No one outside of our borders understands how the hell ANY sane, intelligent human being could have cast a vote for W and Dickhead; ditto, McCain and Alaska Barbie. Canadians and Britons look at our elections and shake their heads--they know how insane their politicians are, but ours... yeah. Part of the problem is that too many Americans never go abroad; they never leave our borders and experience another culture, or if they do, they go in tour groups and are isolated from experiencing the culture and people they are visiting, and because America is so self-contained (or maintains the illusion of being self-contained), there's no reason to experience anywhere else.

The rest of the world is pretty damn fed up with our ignorance, folks. Especially considering the deadly toys we tote around and keep within our borders. It's like handing a heroin-addled schizophrenic teenager an arsenal--NOT a good idea. It's time to let go of the Ugly American and become citizens of the world. It's time to open our collective hearts and minds, and instead of condemning liberals, start working for the common good. "Ask not what your country can do for you..." as a wise man once said.

I'd like to see national service become mandatory immediately after high school. Make everyone give a year--whether in the military or the Peace Corps/AmeriCorps. Give something. Learn what it's like to be out in the world. Find out what goes on beyond your own little corner. Work before you go off to study and party. Know what happens when you have to pay your own bills, balance a check book, make your own appointments, take responsibility for your own actions--in short, cut the blades off of the helicopter parents and make citizens rather than spoiled brats.

(Forgive me if I seem like I selling all of our current crop of kids short--I'm not. I know a LOT of really wonderful, decent, responsible young adults who work hard and prove to me on a regular basis that there is hope for the future. However, they are outnumbered by the morons of the world. *slams head on the desk*)

See, I keep trying to listen to his opponents. I really have tried. I've tried to listen to the arguments from the other side. The problem is that no one is making any sense. No one is speaking sanely. It's not even rhetoric--it's propaganda, unfounded rumors, lies, and utter, complete bullshit. It's the kind of crap the Nazis spread about Jews during the Holocaust. Think I'm being melodramatic? Compare a birther speech to any of Hitler's propaganda about the Jews--you'll see the similarities and hear the common notes. It's the same shit that

It's hate speech, and so much of it is being spouted by so-called good Christians. *spits* Excuse me, Xtians. Christians walk the walk; Xtians just yap a lot of bullshit and do as they please. Alaska Barbie is a good example of this. How anyone could cast a vote for a ticket with something that stupid as the running mate... *shakes head* And you knew McCain was kicking himself in the ass for selling out. He'll never get another run--he blew it too badly this time. Who would elect someone who'd sell his soul just to be President of the United States?

Of course, there's rumors that Shitt Romney, the poster boy for the Mormons, is gearing up for his run. *rolls eyes* Just what this country needs: another religious nutjob in the oval office. I wonder who they'll get to pull his strings?

Christ, this is depressing me.

Next post will be about something funny. Or sex. Which can be pretty damn funny.


  1. Maybe once your country learns to stop fighting its own people, loses its suspicion of people that are different, stops taking corporate money to bed in it's political arena and holy shit I could go for ever on this. I'm a Canadian, my country has is moments that's for sure, but what happened below us last night blows my fucking mind. Your country basically tried to cripple itself - a self-inflicted wound if you want to call it that. What the fuck are you putting people back into power that put your country there in the first place? Obama has worked hard and has the respect and admiration of us up here in Canada, he speaks his mind, he is not out there playing games with your politics but attempting to restore your country to the fantastic country that we all know the US could be. If you folks don't want him in power, send him up to Canada, we're ready for a leader like him and we're more then able and ready to work for the goals he's set out - universal health care . . . whoops, already got that, separate lobby movements and their influence on government votes - whoops, already got that . . . wow, the list goes on, I think you guys are afraid of becoming Canadian - might have to admit you made a wee mistake a few years ago rising up against British oppression . . . Get your heads out of the 1700's, stop being afraid of the world, of differences and recognize that you have the opportunity to turn your country around, and all you did was drill multiple little holes in your hull, good job folks. . . .
    Your's truely
    a slightly disappointed Canadian

  2. Andrew, love, as I've said so many times before... Americans don't know their history. It's very, very frustrating and upsetting. If we DID know our history--including European history because, no matter what the multiculturists and revisionists try to say, we ARE a European country, and an English-speaking one (with an English law code to boot, except in Louisiana).

    And if anyone wants to throw down with him, a little sidenote... he's on active duty in the Canadian Forces, being deployed next month to Afghanistan. Y'know that little war that Bush started and then abandoned for Iraq? That place where so many Canadians and Brits have died while we illegally seized control over a sovereign country? The place where Mr. O said we'd finally fulfill out commitment to our allies.