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On a gentler note: for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, and other assorted bullshit: You are NOT alone.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dearest Blurkers

Just a note of thanks for all who are blurking around the blog. The stats are climbing, and it's just nice to know someone's reading as I hunch over my lappie, tippy-tapping away like a friggin' loon...

MWA! An early "Happy Thanksgiving" to my fellow A'merkins, and a damn good rest of the week to everyone else (because there are people reading in Canada, the UK, China, Russia, South Africa, and all across Europe). I will be blogging over the weekend (which starts tomorrow at noon for me), but no clue about internet access, and honestly, most of my focus is going to be on finishing the rewrite of One Flew Out of the Broom Closet and the first draft of the sequel, Becca Get Your Broom so the agent querying can begin when they start accepting queries again in January. And then... focus goes to the one-woman show, formerly titled Get In, Sit Down, Shut Up, Hang On; new working title: Cigarettes and Xanax. Because, honestly, it's the vanilla clove cigarettes (two a week, I promise) and the half-tabs of Xanax that are getting me through.

That and your kind attention.

Much love,
Your Empress

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