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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dappy Doo Dear!

Good morning and Dappy Doo Dear!*

Welcome to 2011. My liver hurts. We put away the better part of a fifth of silver tequila last night. Espolon silver tequila. I bought this on a whim at Blanchard's last week. It's THE BALLS. I have finalt found a U.S. replacement for my English Mexican tequila, Sierra ("it has a diddy little red hat on the bottle cap").

We had a fabulous little New Year's Eve party here last night, just the few of us. I think I fell asleep around 4:00 a.m. Maybe 5:00 a.m. I know an orgasm happened before I finally crashed. I know between KJ & I, we demolished most of the fifth. And about half of the plum ginger cordial. It mixes well with tequila. There was weed involved. And clove cigarettes. Lot of good food.

I haven't drunk like this since last New Year's Eve here. I can handle tying one on like this once a year. Maybe twice. It was a damn good time with damn good friends. I've reached the age where I so seldom drink (and rarely to any kind of excess), that when I cut loose, it's going to be under ideal circumstances.
And I think I'm going back to bed. I am TIRED. And I may still be drunk.

*Dappy Doo Dear has become our traditional greeting here, thanks to KJ's sister, Leslie, who got a kick out of Dick Clark post-stroke.

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