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Friday, January 7, 2011

Headin' South?

I had one of my Ridiculous Riz Moments last night in the car whilst talking with the Fabulous Alicia of Slice of the Blog Pie. I was reflecting on my colorful sexual past and came out with this gem: *

I've been in a few threesomes, most of them with women--NOT my preference. I have NEVER forgotten the first time I was faced with going down on another women. I was like, "Jesus Christ, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! DID YOU AT LEAST WIPE THAT FUCKING THING THE LAST TIME YOU TOOK A PISS?!?!?" I mean, I didn't say anything--I didn't want to hurt her feelings, and I was the one getting royally fucked, after all. But it was REVOLTING. And all that HAIR. Take a fuckin' weed wacker to that mess, will ya?

I mean, with a cock, at least you don't have to deal with all that hair (unless he's got a short dick, but even then...). If he's cut, it nice, neat, clean--smooth. You're just dealing with skin. And all that squishiness... *shudder* Bleeeeccccchhhh!!!! I totally get why guys have an issue with oral sex. And it's not like you can have a wet facecloth handy at all times or a napkin, not without being insulting.

Seriously, I have NO PROBLEM giving a blow job. Never have, never will. And I have no issue with swallowing--I'd rather just get it out of the way than have him cum on me. Just shoot down my throat, please, and don't mess up my hair. I mean, that shit SMELLS, especially if he's into spicy foods. And Gods forbid you don't wipe it off when it's still wet--NASTY. Scaly, flaky crap, like dandruff or something. Bleurrrrgggghhh.

Although I discovered the only thing beer is good for--makes it taste better. Cuts the salt content. Beyond that...

* Just a couple of necessary statements:
1. The incident cited above happened almost 25 years ago, at the encitement of my (much older) ex-husband. It was one of those experiences that confirmed for me that I am probably the straightest woman on the planet. Tits are interesting, but so long as men have nipples, I'm good!
2. I haven't been in a threesome in nearly 20 years. I'm REALLY good with that.
Have a nice weekend, folks. Get lucky!

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