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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Shog: My Beautiful Barista Boys

Greetings from Mum's hospital room. The bad news: she's still here. The good news: they're releasing her tomorrow. Hurray!

My work day started with me discovering I didn't have my cell phone. Now, I am tethered to my 'droid; the idea that I may have lost it was disturbing. However, there was a library budget to be balanced and shit to get done, so I put the worry to the side, and dived into the job.

I dashed out of the office at 2:45, swung by the house, disturbed the cat, tore the bed apart, went back over my path... no cell phone. Swung into Sbux, nope, they hadn't found it. Bugger. Started to head out the door, Austin yelled, "Riz, where ya goin'?"

"Late for a meeting--I'll be back!"

Did my meeting, went back home, disturbed the cat again, called the phone again, still didn't hear "Sweet Child O'Mine" ringing throughout the house, kept looking, and there it was... on the kitchen floor where it had fallen face-down on the floor. Huzzah!

Had dinner, fed the cat, and went to Sbux before going up to see Ma. Well, I'm standing in line, Jeff gives me a wave from behind the Fount of Caffeinated Blessings, Austin asked how I was, and I looked up as Jeff straightened up from the fridge with the coffee they'd prepared for me three hours before--chilled to perfection.

I laughed my ass off. And yeah, threw a decent tip in the jar. Jeff, Austin and Andrew laughed at my reaction--but it was pure delight. I love those guys.

I realize this is not my usual doom-gloom-fuck-off bullshit, but hey, once in a while, I like to share something really awesome. THIS was really awesome.

Got another funny story for y'all tomorrow--this is a Mum story, proof that my mother is either completely cool or really has gone completely daft (and I'm either a total loser or the hippest daughter on teh planet). And with any amount of luck, I'll get to do the review of Talkin' Shit with Jim & Eddie podcast--episode three is up for listening on www.stitcher.com, and after sitting on the fence for the first two, the third gained a serious thumbs up--the guys seem to have hit their stride. (Don't faint, folks--I don't think Jim Jefferies walks on water.) Need to do a little research on Eddie Iffts first--I hate giving an uninformed opinion.

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