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Monday, December 27, 2010

Adult ADD, Thy Name Is Empress

Editing is going.

I really want to get One Flew Out of the Broom Closet finished & get querying. AND I want to get cranking on the sequels. Becca, Get Your Broom has been started, and i wrote so much for book 3 years ago; just need to change the voice and update the characters a bit.

The problem is that I have other projects I want to work on. And I just realized I forgot to call Ferd about the logo and website yesterday. Shit.

I've been designing clothes again (on paper, at least), and finally unearthed my pattern stash & dressmaking dummy. I miss working with my hands-miss sculpting & sewing.  And i want my wardrobe back to being flash.

But I am NOT making another wedding gown. *shudder*

One was enough.

And i want a proper silk shirt. Seriously. Something really 18th century flavored, something William Richardson would covet. I'd like a proper captain's coat to go with it.  I'm thinking sage green... or peacock blue... and I would REALLY like to create an outfit like the ensemble at the of Alice in Wonderland... Gods, the costumes in that film...

OK, back to editing and getting the first of the Kinsale Chronicles put to bed.  Maybe i'll do some sewing tomorrow... after shoveling out. And laundry. And all the other stupid chores. Argh.

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