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Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog Shog #2: But that sounds so... UNAPPEALING!

OK, let's talk about sexual nomenclature. Yet again.

In an earlier post, I expressed my annoyance with the word "pussy," and my dislike of it.

Now, I'm going to have a go at the word "penis."

Yeeeeeecccccch. I really hate that word. I read a novel years and years ago (like high school years ago) in which the protagonist (a young gay man) says that a penis sounds like something you'd examine under a microscope--something unappealing, slimy, infectious.

I agree with him.

I don't like the word. Especially when I'm contemplating something I am going to be experiencing in my most intimate places. Yeeeeeeecccccchhhhh. It's clinical. Cold. Icky. There is nothing fun about the word "penis." It's not even fun to type. (Seriously. I'm sitting here with a lemon face.)

"Dick" I can deal with (although I tend to think of that more as an insult--a tear down, something a bit too small to care about). "Cock" tends to be my preferred word--it has weight, heft... balls.

A very important thing when discussing male anatomy.

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