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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Shog: The Magic of Jim Jefferies

Regular readers will know that I spent yesterday afternoon in the emergency room at LMH whilst Mum was CAT-scanned & her head stitched after doing a faceplant on the kitchen floor.

Well, because I am not a TV person (I'm not; I think it SUCKS), I had music on the lappie whilst I was blogging and surfing. And when I finally got bored out of my fucking skull, I said, screw it, gonna watch Alcoholocaust and have a laugh because I am getting FUCKING STRESSED.

So, I popped the Silversun Pickups out of the DVD/CD drive, slipped in Alcoholocaust (after stopping to admire the pics of Mr. J inside), and fired that fucker up.

Sounds like I'm talking about weed; well, good comedy has the same affect on me, so... it's comparable.

Anyway, I chose the "play feature," double-clicked, watched Jim Jefferies hustling through the West End, pint in fist (actually filmed after the show was filmed), heard the intro, watched the audience start to go mad, and then Jim hit the stage, began to speak... and Mum appeared in the doorway.

Like magic!

Brought back the moment in July of 1983, Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro... had been pissing rain all day, and Maggie and I were going to see David Bowie on his "comeback" tour--his first tour since 1977. We were excited as only teenage girls can get excited. But it was pissing rain.

As soon as Bowie hit the stage and started to sing, the rain stopped. Stopped dead. Not a drop. I looked at Maggie and said, "God is a Bowie fan." Even the papers commented on it.

(This was very funny yesterday while sitting there. It's not as funny today, which just goes to show... ya had to be there. Well, no, you didn't, because that would mean you would either have a) been injured or b) been dealing with someone who was injured, and I wouldn't wish that on you. I was getting a bit punchy by that time, and the old lady perfume and gangbanger BO & alcohol fug was starting to make me doofy.)

I'm still a little punch today. Almost getting jumped outside of a store last night can do that to you. But that story isn't so funny, so I will tell it in a non-fuckery post.

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