Ever get annoyed? Ever feel like someone needs to be told where the dog died? Or handed a crowbar and a tub of Elbow Grease to help them pry their head out of their arse? Congratulations--you've come to the right place.

And when I'm not commenting on the latest thing to piss me off, I'm trying to figure out my own twisted life. Because, hey, I'm like that.

On a gentler note: for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, and other assorted bullshit: You are NOT alone.

And if you're looking for a laugh, search on the key word "fuckery." It's just my little thing (as the bishop said to the actress).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Blurkdom:

Hello, cherished Blurkers. Just wanted to say a quick THANKS! to everyone who is reading. There aren't a lot of you, but the stats are growing... :-)

Your Empress

P.S. New posting coming. Not sure if it will finally be the Celebricrush, Sluts & Studs, Part 2 or Part 2 of Adult Toy Story.

I'll let the hot chocolate with mint chocolate Bailey's decide. :-)

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