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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Sensible Reading Challenge - Deadline Extended!


Back in January, in a fit of pique, I threw down and challenged you blurkers to sell me on a book.

Well... I'M WAITING! Only two entries so far, and I know you buggers read like fiends. Add a comment below or ping me on the gmail address - lisa.empress@gmail.com.

Up for grabs:

1st Prize: a $25 Amazon gift card (if you're in another country, you'll get the card in the local currency for $25 equivalent American dollars).
2nd Prize: A Critter, Funky Monkey, or Dust Bunny (your choice!)
3rd Prize: Cookies! (Homemade! Allergies allowed for!)

C'mon, kids, you know how easily bored I get--sell me on something FABULOUS to read.


  1. I have to say nothing I've read since you announced this contest has excited me. You are still up in my sidebar though.

  2. Ironic, as I have just requested the Ultimate Sandman from AIB because of your Good Reads posts. In the mood for graphic goodness.